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bring in would be muskrat, otter, deer, coyote,
lynx and black and grey wolves,

Our mother would take these and bury them
overnight in ashes to remove the hair. Then she
Would rub them with buffalo brains or rotten
wood to prepare them for their final dressing.
After all the hair had been removed from the
skins, and they had become soft and dry, she
would then polish them off with a smooth, round
bone and bleach them to a brilliant white by
rubbing them with a white, chalky stone.

Then she would get her dyes ready, with which
she would dye porcupine quills and work them
Into the skins In beautiful Indian designs. The
only natural colours we had were red, yellow,
black, white, and blue. We never saw any
greens, browns, pinks, or purples. We obtained
our colours from the ochre beds found principally
In the foot-hills of the Rockies—iron deposits on
the ground, which gave us reds, blues, and yel-
lows. We secured our white by cooking 'prairie
dust'3 and our black by cooking a piece of wood
that had lain at the bottom of a running stream
for several years. When our father wanted a
grease paint to paint the family 'medicine31
designs—or heraldic bearings—on our teepees,
he would boil the above powders with bone mar-
row or buffalo brains. For thread our mother
used dried muscle sinew.